Lindsay Hunter’s “Ugly Girls”

Hey y’all! 

Currently enjoying my vacation and reading a ton. Here is something I picked up on a whim at my local bookstore. 

Ugly Girls is a novel by Lindsay Hunter following 2 teen girls, Perry and Baby Girl. Perry is attractive and seduces men, Baby Girl is the polar opposite, and by purposeful design at that. To reveal too much plot is too reveal the juice of this novel, but it does deal with predation, so trigger warnings to those concerned. Trailer park mystery thriller, Ugly Girls is a roller coaster exploring coming of age in a dark, adult, humorous but sordid way. 

I personally loved it. I know it won’t please everyone, and that’s ok. It’s sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but the writing keeps you gripped from day one. 

The characters are raw and gritty, you feel their desperation seep through the pages of this book. 

I am not normally a big fan of Young Adult fiction, and I wouldn’t categorize it as such, though the protagonists are teenagers. It feels more adult, more pressing, a more realistic approach to middle of nowhere nothingness. 

The ending is a Bam Boom Pow kind of a finish, which I tend to enjoy,  but I’m fully aware this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Tackling sex, adolescences, danger, the Internet and crime all in one, I found this book provoking and gripping from start to finish. A great debut novel from a talented up and coming writer! 

Rating: 4.5/5 




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